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The highest quality laboratory consumables, reagents and devices for Scientists.
Geneye designs, manufactures, markets and commercialises the highest quality laboratory consumables, reagents and devices for Scientists working in the life sciences. Geneye was founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of Biowire  Limited, a Hong Kong company, and is present in Zurich, Rennes, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Geneye works with a network of qualified, national and regional distribution partners to bring affordable solutions to Scientist and Researchers around the globe. Our technical support and service centres are located in France serving customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and in Shanghai serving our customers in Asia Pacific.

We love innovation and new ideas and are constantly searching for new products and solutions to feed through our distribution partners and solve our customers’ problems. You believe you have something that Scientists and Researchers need and want and to boost your revenue? Let’s get in touch!
Our number one product
A versatile, affordable and lab-friendly equipment.

Say goodbye to your homebrew transfection reagent! With the new SmartPEI ready-to-use transfection reagent from Geneye, laboratories can now reach superior transfection efficiency for a limited and controlled cost.

Based on the proven technology of linear polyethylenimine derivative, SmartPEI reagent provides stable performance with high batch-to-batch reproducibility. High transfection efficiencies are reached for over 400 cell lines compared to homebrew lipid or Calcium-Phosphate based methods.

- Stable performance
- High quality results
- Versatile
- Cost-effective

Affordable transfection reagent manufactured in Europe

Transfection complexes are stable for up to 4 hours

Reproducible batch-to-batch results

High efficiency compared to lipid-based and calcium phosphate-based methods

Compatible with adherent and suspension cells

Tested on more than 400 cell lines

• Forward (transient) transfection of adherent and suspended cells
• Stable transfection of adherent cells
• Reverse transfection (recommended for High Throughput Screening)
• Batch transfection

Not Applicable


UPHO is a versatile bead mill device designed for rapid, high-throughput and efficient disruption and homogenization of up to 64 samples simultaneously. UPHO comes with a wide range of sample adapters providing sample flexibility as well as delivering reliable and consistent, high quality results.

This attractive bench-top device is one of the most advanced sample preparation systems available today. Developed for routine as well as difficult and hard-to-disrupt samples, UPHO is compatible with 3 types of grinding and thoroughly and quickly lyses a wide variety of biological sample types including plant and animal tissues, cells, bacteria and yeast.

Each sample is simultaneously disrupted and homogenized by high-speed shaking with glass, ceramic or metal beads, depending on the sample type, in a sealed tube, allowing the easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins, full-length genomic DNA as well as other cellular materials.

UPHO’s ergonomic design ensures that it is easy to load and, after processing, remove the standard disposable centrifuge tubes containing your samples. Thanks to UPHO’s clever sample adaptors, the centrifuge tubes remain securely sealed during processing, preventing sample cross-contamination.

The homogenization speed (frequency) and duration (time) parameters are digitally controlled and can be rapidly programmed through UPHO’s easy-to-use, touch screen interface. Protocols developed for your samples can be saved to the on-board memory allowing consistent day-to-day use of the UPHO by different Scientists working on the same sample types. UPHO’s advanced, digital parameter control also delivers outstanding consistency across multi sample lots.

Geneye offers different sizes (0,1 – 15 mm) and material choices (wolfram steel, steel, glass and ceramic) of UPHO processing beads, allowing the grinding process to be more rapidly optimised for complete and efficient sample disruption-homogenisation compared to other available methods. If your samples are temperature sensitive, with UPHO, you can easily adjust the homogenization speed maintaining the sample temperature constant during processing. If your samples need to be cooled or frozen for processing, UPHO has the full range of sample adaptors you need for cryogenic cooling.

Versatile, affordable and lab-friendly equipment (< 65 dB).

High throughput - up to 64 samples simultaneously

No cross contamination between operations

Wide range of interchangeable adapters

1 min run cycle

CE marked

User-friendly interface

Bead mill technology

Easy to operate at cryogenic and room temperature samples

Easy cleaning procedure

Long shelf-life

DNA, RNA and protein extraction and purification

Sample preparation

Cell disruption

Tissue homogenization

Material dispersion

Adapter and can material: metal, steel, plastic and PTFE.

Adapter and can volume range: 2 mL to 50 mL

Grinding ball diameter: 0,1 – 15 mm

Grinding ball material: metal, glass ceramic, steel


Providing simultaneous sample shaking and heating, the MiMixer system ensures effective sample processing with a single device.
Versatile – This device is dedicated to Life Sciences laboratories for a wide range of applications including DNA/RNA sample preparation; lysis for extraction of cellular components; enzymatic reaction; transformation; cultivation of bacteria and yeast and more. Its adaptability is even increased with the complete range of interchangeable adaptors for tubes available (from 0.2 mL to 50 mL tubes).
Easy to Use – Stored protocol, shortcut functions and quick short spin make MiMixer a lab-friendly device with reduced risk for wrong protocol to be applied.
Efficient – With shaking speed up to 1800 rpm and heating up to 100°C, the MiMixer unit provides efficient processing. Furthermore, the precise and rapid control of speed and temperature speeds up the sample preparation.

Versatile, affordable, efficient and rapid

Tube size from 0.2 to 50 mL

Save up to 5 protocols

Compatible with multi-point sequence

Short spin function

High shaking frequency

Less than 12 min to heat up from 25°C to 100°C

Temperature homogeneity within a block

DNA/RNA sample preparation (e.g. extraction, reverse transcription, restriction digest, denaturation)
Lysis for extraction of proteins, polysaccharides, lipids and other cellular components
Enzymatic reaction (e.g. proteinase K digestion)
Cultivation of bacteria and yeast
Controlled thawing of biological samples and reagents

Adaptors for tubes

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